AIDA/DART Spring 2018 Investigation Team Meeting

April 9, 2018

Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, Laurel MD, 20723

The DART Investigation Team will have a one-day meeting of the Investigation Team on 9 April 2018. This meeting will be used to discuss the status of DART and the collaborative AIDA project, present work done by the Investigation Team during DART's Preliminary Design Phase ("Phase B"), and prepare for a possible transition to Final Design and Fabrication Phase ("Phase C") later in 2018. The meeting will have a single plenary session during which reports from each of the five Investigation Working Groups (Modeling and Simulation of Impact Outcomes, Remote Observations, Dynamical and Physical Properties, Science Proximity Operations, Ejecta Dynamics and Evolution) and the Deflection Independent Validation and Verification team will be given and discussed. We welcome community interest and participation in general discussion, and plan to provide for remote access. Registration is required for onsite participants so that we can generate a visitor log, but there is no registration fee and no abstracts are solicited.

Agenda for DART Investigation Team Meeting: 9 April 2018

* All times are in Eastern Daylight Time

8:30Meeting Logistics: Rivkin, 10 minutes
8:40Intro to Mission: Cheng, 20 minutes
9:00NASA Overview: Statler, 20 minutes
9:20Requirements and Investigations: Rivkin, 25 minutes
9:45Modeling and Simulation of Impact Outcomes: Stickle, 45 minutes
10:45Remote Sensing Observations: Thomas, 45 minutes
11:30Dynamical and Physical Properties: Richardson, 45 minutes
1:45Science Proximity Observations: Barnouin, 45 minutes
2:30Ejecta Dynamics and Evolution: Fahnestock, 45 minutes
3:30Independent Validation and Verification: Barbee, 30 minutes
4:00European Collaborations (Hera/AIM/AIDA): Michel/Carnelli, 30 minutes
4:30 Agenzia Spaziale Italiana Collaboration ("Selfie-Sat"): Pirrotta, 15 minutes
4:45Summary and Discussion Period: Rivkin

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