Our Team

NASA's Planetary Defense Coordination Office (PDCO) supervises all NASA-funded projects to find and characterize asteroids and comets that pass near Earth's orbit. APL is building and managing the DART spacecraft as well as coordinating the investigation teams.

NASA Leads

Lindley Johnson

NASA Planetary Defense Officer

Gordon Johnston

NASA Program Executive

Tom Statler

NASA Program Scientist

Allen Bacskay (MSFC)

NASA Solar System Exploration Program Manager

Scott Bellamy (MSFC)

NASA Mission Manager

JHUAPL Mission Team

Cheryl Reed

DART Project Manager

Andy Cheng

Andy Rivkin

DART Investigation Team Leads

Brian Kantsiper

Mission System Engineer

Ken Hibbard

Deputy Mission System Engineer

DART Science Team

DART and AIM studies are each supported by 4 working groups. The AIDA Coordination Committee is co-chaired by Dr. Andy Cheng, DART team lead, and Dr. Patrick Michel, AIM team lead. The DART Investigation Team Leads are Andy Cheng and Andy Rivkin of APL. Key technologies used on the Mission include OpNav, developed by JHUAPL, and NASA’s NEXT (NASA’s Evolutionary Xenon Thruster), an ion propulsion system, developed by NASA Glenn and Aerojet as part of NASA’s In-Space Propulsion Technology Project.

DART Core TeamRoleAIM Team Leadership
Andrew Cheng (APL)AIDA Coordination LeadPatrick Michel* (CNRS)
Andrew Rivkin (APL)DART Investigation Team Lead;
DART Investigation 2 Lead
Steve Schwartz* (Obs. Cote d’ Azur)
Steven Chesley (JPL)Dynamics LeadPeter Pravec* (Ondrejov Obs.)
Brent Barbee (GSFC)Verification and Validation LeadKleomenis Tsiganis* (U. Thessaloniki)
Angela Stickle (APL)Dart Investigation 1 LeadAdriano Campo Bagatin* (U. Alicante)
Derek Richardson (UMD)Dart Investigation 3 LeadStephan Ulamec* (DLR)
Olivier Barnouin (APL)DART Investigation 4 Lead;
Shape Model Development

DART Working Groups

Investigation 1: Modeling and Simulations of Impact OutcomesWorking Group 1
Megan Bruck Syal (LLNL)Impact Modeling Using Spheral and SPHGareth Collins
Nilda Oklay
Mark Price
Frank Schaefer
Gonzalo Tancredi
Martin Jutzi
Juergen Blum
Yang Yu
Kai Wünnemann
Paul Miller (LLNL)Planetary Defense Interpretation and Applications
Emma Rainey (APL)Impact Modeling Using CTH

Investigation 2: Remote Sensing Observations Working Group 2
Paul Abell (JSC) Strategic Knowledge Gap (SKG) and Human Exploration Applications Marco Delbo*
Elisabetta Dotto
Petr Scheirich
David Polishook
Julia de León
Javier Licandro
Lance Benner (JPL) Radar Observations 

Investigation 3: Dynamical and Physical Properties Working Group 3: Dynamical and Physical Properties
Julie Bellerose (JPL) Gravity And Dynamics Jens Biele* Derek Hestroffer Fernando Moreno
Eugene Fahnestock (JPL) Ejecta Dynamics Siegfried Eggl Rosemary Mardling Alessandro Rossi
Daniel Scheeres (U Colorado) Geotechnical Properties Seth Jacobson Naomi Murdoch Paolo Tanga
Douglas Hamilton (UMD) Orbital Dynamics Antii Penttila George Voyatzis Pascal Rosenblatt

Investigation 4: Science Proximity Observations Working Group 4: Science Proximity Observations
Nancy Chabot (APL) DRACO Instrument Scientist Ian Carnelli V Ciarletti* Kieran Carroll
Carolyn Ernst (APL) Impact Site Morphology Characterization Andres Galvez Simon Green* K Mellab
    B Grieger A Herique* M Kueppers
* AIM Investigation Team members
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