Double Asteroid
Redirection Test

NASA's first planetary
defense mission

Mission Overview

DART is the first-ever space mission to demonstrate asteroid deflection by kinetic impactor.

Impactor Spacecraft

The DART impactor is a low-cost spacecraft, equipped with a camera and the ability to autonomously guide itself to impact the asteroid.

Planetary Defense

"Planetary defense" encompasses activities undertaken to understand the hazards posed to Earth by potential impacts of asteroids and comets and to develop approaches to prevent or minimize the effects of those impacts.

Hitting an Asteroid Head On

NASA's Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) will be the first-ever space mission to demonstrate asteroid deflection by kinetic impactor on a binary asteroid target: the moon of Didymos, called Dimorphos. Didymos is Greek for "twin", and Dimorphos means "having two forms" in recognition of humanity changing the form of the body via the DART mission.

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